First Smart Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

is with advanced trading tools, including an artificial intelligence on asset management

It is a secure and convenient platform for fast trade, exchange or purchase of cryptocurrencies using the most popular methods of payment.

Why our project is demanded by the market?

  • Over 8 million people registered on Binance. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The total daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies is 12.2 billion dollars.
  • The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is more than $ 300 billion
  • Trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market involves a serious risk.
  • Professional tools aimed at reducing the risk of trade and a training platform for beginners and experienced traders will attract a large number of market players to CragEx

Over 8 million people registered on Binance. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The total daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies is 12.2 billion dollars.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is more than $ 300 billion

Trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market involves a serious risk.

Professional tools aimed at reducing the risk of trade and a training platform for beginners and experienced traders will attract a large number of market players to CragEx

CragEx goal:

to provide traders with the cryptocurrency liquidity of many exchanges and reduce the time spent on working with several platforms at the same time

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies

The daily volume of transactions


In 2017, the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, according to, increased from $18 billion to $617 billion.

The daily volume of transactions in 2017 rocketed from $ 130 million to $27.2 billion (it is more than 200-fold!)

Since the early days of Bitcoin, the crypro-community has grown from only 3 thousand enthusiasts to more than 15 million users worldwide.


Tools that are intuitive for beginners and cover the needs of advanced investors. 

 The liquidity of all major cryptocurrency exchanges is on one platform; 

A single interface and a set of tools of web trading terminal applicable for all crypto exchanges; 

Optimization of time spent on monitoring due to visual graphs and a set of tools that open up huge opportunities for analytics.

The cryptocurrency market is represented by thousands of tokens.

Investors spend a huge amount of time to assess where to invest and track exchange rate fluctuations.

There are no tools and services on the market that could reduce potential risks and induce investors in classical markets to become members of a cryptocommunity. 

offers traders maximum functional for successful trading

MVP CragEx

The key advantages of  project

a large depth of market for cryptocurrencies

Clear and user-friendly interface

Mobile app

Advanced trading tools

that include artificial intelligence for asset management


for fiat and crypto exchange

Personal hardware wallet

(upon user’s request)

Wallet for storing currencies

on the side of the user

Educational platform

for crypto traders

traiding tools of CragEx


It is actual for a falling market. Profit-robot automatically opens transactions on technical indicators


With help of smart-robot you can set "Stop Loss" and "Take profit", plan to purchase a token when the price is higher than the set one; divide the position into many goals; plan a deal on an already purchased coin on the exchange.


It provides profit at the expense of programmed changes in the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Target-robot monitors the position of the coins and sells at the first rollback. It corrects the goals in the course of the market according to the rules you set.


Bot opens deals on ready QFL signals. It is effective even when the market falls.

Analytics features

  • The terminal allows you to work flexibly with the price chart, supporting the extensive functional of the technical analysis tools involved in the classic trading terminals.
  • Orders place in the general table of orders of all cryptocurrencies, the executed orders are displayed in a separate table.
  • Switching between exchanges allows you to instantly open a chart, a glass and a table of orders of the necessary cryptocurrency.
  • The functional of the glass allows to reduce the discharge of the cryptocurrency price to three decimal places, in addition to other standard functions. 
  • Ability to track executed orders and set protective orders like stop-loss and take-profit -
  • Automatic placing of ROBOT orders of various types in the falling and growing markets.

Project development plan

Jan 2019

May 2019

Development and implementation of tools for trading on CragEx



Development and launch of a mobile app



Development of functional for replenishment and withdrawal of funds via CragEx



Development of a cryptocurrency exchange



Development of an educational platform for traders



Adding listing and news site CragNews to the platform


CragEx will become a fully-featured decentralized ecosystem, which will include a cryptocurrency exchange, a mobile app, a wallet for storing currencies on the users side, a marketplace for fiat and crypto exchange, an educational platform.



Dmitriy Zhitomirskiy: CEO

Software and internet-services development specialist. Key competences: architecture, administration, automation of business processes; 

Owner of VisitWeb traffic exchange – market leader in Russia and CIS. 

Owner and CTO of Upgrade.Today advertising agency. 

Development of customized exchange solutions fostering volume growth 

Development of customized click fraud service from scratch. 

Development of media advertising automated purchase service. 

Development of architecture for B2B services.

Anna Kozlovskaya: CBO

Founder of BeWoman.Club educational platform 

Co-founder of Upgrade.Today advertising agency 

Head of Skolkovo Saint-Petersburg Alumni Club 

APEC 2018 forum nominee from Russian Federation, guest speaker

Founder and organizer of professional conferences on online marketing and blockchain.

 Internet marketing and media-buying specialist 

PR-advisor in ICO projects

Maxim Zuev: CTO

The experience of commercial development is for more than 10 years, the experience of developing and supporting high-load projects.

 Internet project management experience. 

Team Leader experience is over 6 years 

Team Leader of a multilingual team of 40+ developers

 Work on ICO projects as a developer, development team leader 

CTO Team Leader in ITPremium.

Head of the CryptoB2B development team

Alla Markova: COO

Operational Director of the advertising agency Visitweb from 2009 to present. 

Specialist in the field of building business processes. 

Co-founder of the advertising agency. 

Experience in building teams of IT and Digital specialists. 

Experience in conducting market research, forming a strategy for product launch to the market, long-term planning and organization of work at all stages of projects. 

Experience in conducting strategic negotiations with partners. 

Experience in financial planning, budgeting, optimization and cost control. 

Experience in planning, monitoring and coordinating the work of project participants; ensuring effective communication between project participants. 

Experience in building marketing strategies.

Denis Borzenko, Lead Developer

Experience in the development, optimization and support of high-load systems for more than 4 years. 

Overall development experience over 10 years. 

Fullstack developer with specialization in backend. 

Development of client-server applications and debugging systems for working solutions

Ramazan Halbaginov, Front-end Developer

Frontend programmer 

Development experience is over 5 years 

Development of web applications, information portals. 

Experience in the development of the exchange platform in the position of full stack programmer 

Mobile app development (iOS & Android)

Mikhail Yarovoy, Front-end Developer

Frontend programmer 

Development experience is over 6 years Implementation of non-trivial interface controls 

Development of a system for displaying objects located in space and monitored by using Computer Vision 

Development of front-end applications for monitoring corporate networks

Olga Parfenova, Product manager

Experience in product management and project management for more than 8 years. 

3 years as a Project Manager in the Finnish engineering company CJSC Sprut 

Product manager in the group of integrated enterprise automation companies 

Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing Specialist 

Head of Marketing in the property and liability insurance company 

Invited speaker at international conventions, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (2011-2012)

Oleg Kirillov, Marketing specialist

Experience in internet marketing is over 8 years 

The experience of SEO promotion of more than 70 sites (more than 500,000 unique visitors per day) 

Media buying experience is over 3 years

Valeria Tombovtseva, Community manager

Specialist on work with clients at the international level 

Experience in internet marketing is over 3 years 

Linguist and translator (English and Chinese)

Sokolova Olga

Main competencies are in the field of: finance and building a management and control system in the company. 

Experience in the development of organizational structures, financial system, strategic planning, operational control, project financing, export financing, risk insurance, management of various projects in scale. 

Education: Executive MBA of The Moscow school of management Skolkovo; 

National Institute of Business, specialty "economist"; 


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